Black Mountain StoreAll kinds of fire starters (including windproof)
Fire DancingFire-Dancing.com is an introductory guide for everyone
Fire MeccaSupplies individuals, performance groups, and retail businesses around the world with everything from raw materials to finished equipment, such as LED and fire poi.
Fire-gearEquipment for firedancers. Poi, staves, fire fingers, batons. In business since 2000. Custom orders available
FirePits Inc.Firepits and tables (keep your fire off the playa)
FlowtoysRechargeable, durable and versatile LED lights and toys for dance, performance, safety, decor and style
Home of PoiComprehensive information about Poi/fire Poi and staff twirling
LuxoticaBuy fire poi, glow and fire toys and props
PoiPoiComprehensive range of quality spinning, staffs and accessories
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